WD 3.5″ Red Internal Network Hard Drive – 3 TB, Red from Currys PC World

WD 3.5″ Red Internal Network Hard Drive – 3 TB, Red from Currys PC WorldWD 3.5″ Red Internal Network Hard Drive – 3 TB, Red

Top features:- NAS drive which meets the demands of home or small businesses- Efficiency and reliability with low power consumptionDesigned to upgrade your NAS drive, the WD Red 3.5″ Internal Hard Drive adds another 3 TB to your network hard drive. This drive is compatible with 24×7 NAS systems with up to five bays. NAS drive Optimised for use with NAS systems with up to five drive bays, the Red Hard Drive is designed and tested for these environments. It can meet the demanding requirements of your home or small business and offers 3 TB of storage space. Dual-plane balance control technology ensures that the drive is balanced, helping to reduce vibration and noise, and keep the drive running at its optimum. The 3D Active Balance Plus technology further helps to improve drive performance and reliability. It is simple to install, so it will be ready to use in no time. Efficiency and reliability This drive is designed to run efficiently, which means you won’t need to worry about your carbon footprint or your energy bills. The low power consumption and low operating temperature make it robust and affordable. This drive also features exclusive NASWare technology. This advanced firmware helps it to integrate seamlessly in your system and protect your data.Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Internal HDDs are the standard storage devices that you’ll find in most desktops and laptops. They are ideal for everyday computing and saving large amounts of media.

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