SAMSUNG 970 PRO M.2 2.5″ Internal SSD – 512 GB from Currys PC World

SAMSUNG 970 PRO M.2 2.5″ Internal SSD – 512 GB from Currys PC WorldSAMSUNG 970 PRO M.2 2.5″ Internal SSD – 512 GB

Top features: – Upgrade your system speed to handle any workload – Impressive performance for graphic design software – Durable yet compact design fits into any PC case Upgrade your system Don’t just add more storage to your PC. Level up your speed and get more done. The Samsung 970 PRO M.2 2.5″ Internal SSD is designed for professional PCs that need to handle everything. So you won’t be held back trying to load your favourite editing software or opening up the year’s figures in a huge spreadsheet. Impressive performance When it comes to SSD read and write speeds, the bigger the number, the better the performance. And the 970 PRO has more than enough speed to power through huge workloads. Save and load giant files in a flash, and open demanding programs without waiting. SSD doesn’t just let you save files, it transforms how your PC runs. Durable yet compact The 970 PRO SSD is built in a tiny M.2 form factor, which means you can easily slot it into compact PC cases. And you won’t need to worry about upgrading any time soon – the 970 is built to last, with a 5 year guarantee and a durable design that reduces heat build-up.

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