Epson EB-L400U WUXGA 3LCD 4500 Lumens Projector from BT Shop

Epson EB-L400U WUXGA 3LCD 4500 Lumens Projector from BT ShopAffordable laser performance The EB-L400U offers impressive 4,500-lumen brightness and WUXGA Full HD resolution at an affordable price, meaning you can upgrade to laser performance and reliability without paying a premium. Pin-sharp image quality and equally high White and Colour Light Output give your presentations impact, even in brightly-lit rooms. Reliable and durable The EB-L400U is based around Epson’s proven laser technology, which offers fit and forget reliability to keep maintenance to a minimum. The projector is covered by a five-year, 12,000-hour guarantee. Easy, flexible installation A smaller, lighter casing than products of similar brightness makes it easy to replace existing units with the EB-L400U, while laser technology means these projectors can be mounted at and project from any angle, making them ideal for any scenario. Stylish new design A fresh, new casing design means that the EB-L400U will look completely at home in even the most style-conscious of new developments.

Price: GBP2418.09

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