Thomson WHP3001BK Radio UHF Wireless Headphones – Black from Ligo Electronics Ltd

Thomson WHP3001BK Radio UHF Wireless Headphones – Black from Ligo Electronics LtdHama Thomson WHP3001BK Wireless Headphones: For maximum convenience & comfortWith the Thomson WHP3001BK Headphones you can listen to music or TV without disturbing others, and have the freedom to move around your home with a Wireless range of up to 30 metres indoors (100m in open space). Comfortable to wear, and excellent sound quality you can enjoy up to 8 hours of continuous use. Fully rechargeable, you can switch the headphones off at the touch of a button and let them charge on the included dock when not in use; the battery level is monitored easily via the charging indicator.Maximum comfortThe WHP3001 Headphones feature an elastic headband and generously padded ear cushions to ensure long-term comfort. The headphones further benefit from an inbuilt volume control so you can adjust the volume conveniently without having to get up.Reliable soundThe sound is transmitted via radio signal from the charging station to the headphones allowing you to move freely between rooms and enjoy the same high sound quality. And with 3 different transmission channels and auto-tuning, interference and distortions in sound are eliminated for clearer sound.Why should you buy these headphones?Complaints from neighbours or loved ones about the volume of your music or TV? The Thomson WHP3001BK offer the ideal solution and represent exceptional value for money.What’s in the box?1. UK power supply2. 6.3mm jack adaptor3. 2xAAA batteries4. Operating Instructions5. 2 RVA to 3.5mm jack cables6. Headphones and stand

Price: GBP29.99

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