Panasonic Deep Bass Wireless Headphones from JD Williams

Panasonic Deep Bass Wireless Headphones from JD WilliamsWireless Headphones M300B capitalise on heavy bass sound for you to enjoy music to the fullest. M300B features XBS DEEP that delivers well-defined deep bass and also has Bass Enhancer to further emphasize bass when you want. Side Pressure Dispersion Technology means that our headphones fit snuggly around the ear for a comfortable fit all day long. Apply an equalizer for stronger bass with the touch of a button. This Bass Enhancer clarifies the bass for even more powerful sound, expanding the range of music you can enjoy. M Series headphones are designed for comfortable, long-term wear, enabled by Side Pressure Dispersion Technology, which ergonomically adjusts the lateral pressure balance between the headband and ear pads.

Price: GBP99.99

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